Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide | NaOH

Sodium Hydroxide

Product Name: Sodium Hydroxide

Molecular Formula: NaOH

Molecular Weight: 41.0045


1. Pure Sodium Hydroxide is a colorless and transparent crystal. The solubility of sodium hydroxide is easy to dissolve in water, and at the same time it emits a strong heat, and is soluble in ethanol and glycerin, while Sodium Hydroxide is insoluble in acetone and ether. Sodium Hydroxide dew is placed in the air, and finally it will completely dissolve into a solution.

2. Sodium Hydroxide has strong alkalinity, strong hygroscopicity, and extremely corrosive. It can be used as acid neutralizer, matching masking agent, precipitating agent, precipitation masking agent, color developing agent, saponification agent, peeling agent, detergent, etc. The use is very wide.

Product Indicators:


96% Sodium Hydroxide96
Sodium Carbonate1.3
Sodium Chloride2.7
Ferric Oxide0.008
99% Sodium Hydroxide99
Sodium Carbonate1
Sodium Chloride0.2
Ferric Oxide0.01


1. Sodium Hydroxide should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Sodium Hydroxide should be kept away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature does not exceed 35℃, and the relative humidity does not exceed 80%. The packaging must be sealed and protected from moisture.

2. Sodium Hydroxide should be stored separately from easily (combustible) combustibles, acids, etc., and should not be mixed with storage. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.


1. Basic chemical raw materials, used as high-purity reagents, Sodium Hydroxide is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, petroleum, textile and daily chemical industries. Sodium Hydroxide is used to make soap, paper, rayon, finishing cotton fabrics, and refining kerosene.

2. Sodium Hydroxide is also used in the surface treatment of aluminum oxide, metallic zinc and metallic copper, as well as in glass, enamel, tanning, medicine, dyes and pesticides. In cosmetic creams, Sodium Hydroxide and stearic acid are saponified and act as emulsifiers to make vanishing creams, shampoos, etc.

Sodium Hydroxide

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