Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate | C9H8NA2O4

Sodium Humate

Product Name: Sodium Humate

Molecular Formula: C9H8NA2O4

Molecular Weight: 226.14


Sodium Humate is an amorphous particle with jet black crystal and shiny, beautiful luster.

Sodium Humate is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and easily soluble in water.

Technical Quality Index (first class product):

1. Appearance: black and bright color, unshaped solid particles

2. Granularity: 20---120 mesh

3. Water-soluble humic acid content (dry basis) ≥65%

4. Water insoluble substance (dry basis) ≤5%

5. Water content ≤15%

6. Fe content ≤0.45%

7. PH value 8-9

Uses: Sodium Humate is used as a compound fertilizer in agriculture, which can change the soil structure, and has the effect of preventing disease and disease resistance, increasing production and increasing income for crops. Sodium Humate can be used as a feed additive in poultry and livestock breeding, and as a synergist in aquaculture.

Package: The package is a plastic woven bag lined with film, and the net weight is 25Kg/bag.

Sodium Humate





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