Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate | K2SO4

Potassium Sulfate

Product Name: Potassium Sulfate

Molecular Formula: K2SO4

Molecular Weight: 174.24

Product Indicators:

Index NameUnitStandard Value
Potassium Sulfate98.5
Chloride (Calculated by Cl)% ≦0.05
Iron% ≦0.02
Heavy Metals (Calculated as Lead)% ≦0.0001


1. Potassium Sulfate is an inorganic salt, insoluble in alcohol, acetone and carbon disulfide, and has a bitter and salty taste. Pure Potassium Sulfate is a colorless crystal, and agricultural Potassium Sulfate is mostly light yellow in appearance. Potassium sulfate has low hygroscopicity, is not easy to agglomerate, has good physical properties, and is convenient to apply. It is a good water-soluble potassium fertilizer.

2. Potassium Sulfate is particularly suitable for use in tobacco, grapes, sugar beets, tea trees, potatoes, flax and various fruit trees. It is also the main raw material for making chlorine-free nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ternary compound fertilizer.

3. Potassium Sulfate is a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic fertilizer, suitable for a variety of soils (excluding flooded soil) and crops. After being applied to the soil, potassium ions can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, and can also be adsorbed by soil colloids.

Packing: The outer woven bag is lined with a plastic bag, and the net weight is 40 KG.

Storage and Transportation: Store in a ventilated and dry warehouse. The package is sealed to avoid damp, and to prevent the rain from melting and losing during transportation.


1. Potassium Sulfate is the basic raw material for making various potassium salts such as potassium carbonate and potassium persulfate. Used as a Shen Qing agent in the glass industry. Used as an intermediate in the dye industry. Used as auxiliary agent in perfume industry. The pharmaceutical industry is also used as a laxative, treatment of soluble barium salt poisoning, etc.

2. Potassium Sulfate is a commonly used potassium fertilizer in agriculture, with a potassium oxide content of 50%. In addition, Potassium Sulfate is also used in glass, dyes, perfumes, medicines, etc. in industry.

3. Potassium Sulfate can be used for serum protein biochemical testing, Kjeldahl determination of nitrogen as a catalyst, preparation of other fertilizers, drugs, alum, etc., and a smoke suppressant for shells in the military industry.

Potassium Sulfate

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