Potassium Nitrite

Potassium Nitrite | KNO2

Potassium Nitrite

Product Name: Potassium Nitrite

Molecular Formula: KNO2

Molecular Weight: 85.10


1. Density, relative density (water=1) 1.92, stability: stable

2. Potassium Nitrite is white or light yellow rhombohedral crystals, which are easily deliquescent, soluble in liquid ammonia and water, and the aqueous solution is alkaline, insoluble in acetone, and slightly soluble in alcohols.

3. Potassium Nitrite begins to decompose at 350°C to form potassium oxide and release nitric oxide gas. Potassium Nitrite is an oxidant. It can burn and explode when mixed with organic matter and combustibles, and release toxic and irritating nitrogen peroxide and nitrogen oxide gas. It will explode when mixed with iron salt or cyanide.

Product Indicators:

Main IndicatorsIndex Value
Potassium Nitrite (Dry Basis)%97
Water Insoluble Substance%0.01
PH Value7-10
Chloride Content%0.1
Iron Content%0.003
Heavy Metal Content%0.001


Potassium Nitrite is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis, food coloring agent, chemical reagent. It can also be used in the manufacture of aniline dyes and azo dyes, as an analytical reagent, used in metallurgy for nickel diamond separation, used in medicine and organic Synthesis etc.

Potassium Nitrite





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