Potassium Fulvic Acid

Potassium Fulvic Acid

Potassium Fulvic Acid


1. Potassium Fulvic Acid is an organic potassium composed of small molecules. It is a plant growth regulator, which can promote plant growth, play an important role in fighting drought, and can improve plant resistance to stress, increase production and improve quality.

2. Potassium Fulvic Acid can extend the fresh-keeping period and picking period of fruits and vegetables, prevent flower and fruit falling, increase the sugar content of fruit, and improve fruit quality.

Quality Index

Humic Acid %Fulvic Acid %Water Solubility %Potassium Oxide %PHWater %


1. Potassium Fulvic Acid can improve the soil aggregate structure, loosen the soil, improve the soil ability to retain water and fertilizer, adjust the PH value, reduce the content of heavy metals in the soil, and reduce the harm of salt ions to seeds and seedlings.

2. Potassium Fulvic Acid can fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus, and activate potassium, especially for potash fertilizer. It can increase roots and strengthen seedlings, resist repeated cropping, resist disease, and improve crop quality.

3. Potassium Fulvic Acid can strengthen the adhesion and rapid absorption capacity of plant roots, especially for the physiological diseases caused by the lack of trace elements.

Potassium Fulvic Acid

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