Calcium Nitrite

Calcium Nitrite | Ca(NO2)2

Calcium Nitrite

Product Name: Calcium Nitrite

Molecular Formula: Ca(NO2)2

Molecular Weight: 132

Properties: White powder without crystal water. This product is easy to absorb moisture, is odorless, easily soluble in water, and is a pale yellow solution.

Product Indicators:

Index ItemPremium ProductFirst GradeSecond-Class
Calcium Nitrite≥94%≥92%≥90%
Calcium Nitrate<4%<5%<6%
Calcium Hydroxide<1.0%<1.0%<1.0%
Water Insoluble Substance<0.6%<1.0%<1.0%

Packing: 25/50KG inner plastic woven bag outside or according to customer requirements.


1. Calcium Nitrite is mainly used as the main raw material of cement concrete admixtures, and can be configured into concrete antifreeze, steel rust inhibitor, early strength agent, etc. Calcium Nitrite can also be used in heavy oil washing, lubricating oil emulsification and chemical organic synthesis and other fields.

2. Antifreeze: Calcium Nitrite can reduce the freezing point of the mixed concrete, and the construction temperature can be as low as -25°C. Under negative temperature conditions, it can promote the hydration reaction of the mineral components in the cement. It is a new generation of chlorine-free and low-alkali Antifreeze.

3. Rebar rust inhibitor: Calcium Nitrite has an excellent passivation, rust resistance and protection effect on steel bars. Adding 2-3% Calcium Nitrite to concrete can extend the life of buildings and structures by 20-50 years.

4. Calcium Nitrite can be equipped with a composite early strength agent; it can increase the strength of concrete, reduce the amount of cement, and shorten the construction period.

5. Calcium Nitrite fundamentally overcomes the defects of alkali-aggregate reaction and electrochemical corrosion in concrete, improves the physical and mechanical properties and durability of concrete, and obtains high-quality concrete.

Calcium Nitrite

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