Barium Nitrate

Barium Nitrate | Ba(NO3)2

Barium Nitrate

Product Name: Barium Nitrate

Molecular Formula: Ba(NO3)2

Molecular Weight: 261.35

Density: 3.24g/cm3

Product Indicators:

Main IndicatorsPremium ProductFirst GradeQualified Product
Barium Nitrate Content (Calculated on dry basis)≥99.3%≥99%≥98.5%
Water Content≤ 0.05%≤ 0.10%≤ 0.10%
Water Insoluble Substance Content≤ 0.05%≤ 0.10%≤ 0.15%
Chloride Content≤ 0.05%≤ 0.10%≤ 0.10%
Iron Content0.0010.0030.005

Packing: 25/50KG inner plastic woven bag outside or according to customer requirements.


1. Barium Nitrate is an inorganic substance, colorless crystal or white crystalline powder, slightly hygroscopic, strong oxidizing, combustion-supporting, and toxic.

2. Barium Nitrate is soluble in water and concentrated sulfuric acid, but insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Barium Nitrate is heated to liberate oxygen. Barium Nitrate has strong oxidizing properties.

3. Barium Nitrate and sulfur, phosphorus, organic matter contact, friction, impact will cause combustion or explosion. The melting point of barium nitrate is 592℃, and it will decompose when the temperature is higher, and it will present a green flame when it burns.

Uses: Barium Nitrate is used to make green signal flares, fireworks, fireworks, green fireworks, oxidants, analytical reagents, tracers, optical glass, ceramics, low-temperature salt baths, and raw materials for barium salts.

Barium Nitrate

Barium Nitrate

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