Barium Hydroxide

Barium Hydroxide | Ba(OH)₂ | Ba(OH)₂·8H₂O

Barium Hydroxide

Product Name: Barium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: Ba(OH)₂

Molecular Weight: 171.35

Chemical Formula: Ba(OH)₂·8H₂O

Molecular Weight 315.47


1. Barium Hydroxide is soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, and almost insoluble in acetone. If Barium Hydroxide rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and becomes carbonate, it cannot be completely dissolved in water. Most alkalis are insoluble in water.

2. Barium Hydroxide is one of the alkalis that dissolve in water. The solid Barium Hydroxide is very easy to deliquesce in the air, and then forms barium carbonate and water with carbon dioxide.

Product Indicators:

Analyze DataBarium Hydroxide OctahydrateBarium Hydroxide Monohydrate
Barium Carbonate%0.81
Iron Content%0.0010.004


1. Barium Hydroxide is a multi-efficiency additive used in internal combustion engine lubricating oil and oil refining.

2. Barium Hydroxide is used in sugar beet production and medicine.

3. Barium Hydroxide is the raw material of plastic and rayon.

4. Barium Hydroxide can be used as a resin stabilizer.

5. Barium Hydroxide is used as a catalyst for the synthesis of phenolic resin.

6. Barium Hydroxide is used as an analytical reagent, and is also used in the separation of precipitated sulfate, the manufacture of organic synthesis and other barium salts, the softening of water, and the glass and enamel industries.

7. Barium Hydroxide is used to determine the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, the quantification of chlorophyll, the manufacture of sugar and animal and vegetable oils, the manufacture of boiler water cleaners, the manufacture of pesticides, and the rubber.

Package: The outer packaging of 50KG or 25KG is coated with plastic, paper-plastic composite, multi-layer paper and plastic lining. Different packaging can also be arranged according to user requirements.

Barium Hydroxide





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