Ammonium Humate

Ammonium Humate

Ammonium Humate

Product Description:

Ammonium Humate is an important humate with 55% humic acid and 5% ammonium nitrogen.

Product Performance: The appearance of Ammonium Humate is crystalline black particles or columnar particles. It is easily soluble in water and weakly alkaline.

Main Purpose:

Agriculture: Ammonium Humate is used in humic acid fertilizers, which can be combined with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements required by plants to become a multifunctional and efficient compound fertilizer. Ammonium Humate is used as a soil conditioner, plant growth stimulator and fertilizer efficiency enhancer.

Industrial Aspect: Ammonium Humate can be used as ceramic additives, drilling mud regulators, foundry sand binders, briquettes forming binders and sewage treatment agents.


AppearanceBlack ParticlesBlack Flake
Water Soluble75%100%
Humic Acid (Dry Basis)≥55%≥75%
Particle Size/1-5mm

Main Functions:

1. Ammonium Humate directly provides nitrogen and stabilizes the supply of other nitrogen. It is recommended to mix ammonium humate with potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

2. Ammonium Humate increases soil organic matter and improves soil structure, thus enhancing the buffering capacity of the soil to a large extent.

3. Ammonium Humate can adjust soil acidity and alkalinity and increase soil fertility.

4. Ammonium Humate creates a good living environment for beneficial microbial flora.

5. Ammonium Humate can promote the growth of chlorophyll and the accumulation of sugar in plants, thereby helping photosynthesis.

6. Ammonium Humate can promote seed germination and greatly improve the parameters and fruit quality.

7. Ammonium Humate can greatly increase the stress resistance of plants.

Instructions for Use:

1. Base fertilizer: 25Kg/HA, it is recommended to mix with urea, monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate.

2. Irrigation: 15kg/HA


1. 25 kg, woven bag with inner lining.

2. Removable container bag, opened from the bottom, containing plastic bag.

Ammonium Humate

Ammonium Humate





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